Abruzzo, Italy

On Writing – Part 2

I still do all my writing long-hand in an A4 notebook before typing it up on the computer.  For one thing, I can write where I feel most comfortable, preferably with as few distractions as possible, but also it enables me to have several chances to edit and make corrections.  It’s easy to cross sections …

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On Writing – Part 1

My love of writing stretches back a long way; I still have an old copy of Wolf Watch magazine which contains an article I contributed many years ago in praise of wolves. Even the first novel I wrote – The Leopard of Dramoor, now published under a new title Shackles of Loyalty – was penned …

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Abruzzo, Italy

After moving to Abruzzo

If the sense of place was important in Shackles of Loyalty, it became even more so in Sweet Song, Bitter Loss.  We had moved from Northumberland to the Italian region of Abruzzo in 2007, but it was 2013 before I started writing again.  The move hadn’t gone entirely to plan.  The lovely, if dilapidated, stone …

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