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Sweet Song Bitter Loss

Book One of the Major D’Angelo Mysteries, this latest novel from acclaimed author Paul Hencher infuses gritty crime fiction with an Italian flavour. From the rural beauty of Abruzzo, Italy, to the windswept North East of England, this gripping tale will take you on a journey of discovery and reveal the dark underbelly hidden below even the most picturesque of locations …

Sweet Song Bitter Loss, by Paul Hencher
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Paul Hencher, Author
Historical fiction and Crime fiction author, Paul Hencher

About The Author

Acclaimed crime fiction and historical fiction author Paul Hencher describes writing as a form of “redemption”, his previous work life being, in his own words, an “illustrious non-career”.

Having travelled widely, he finally settled down in the scenic Abruzzo region of Italy in 2007, where he and his wife, Maggie, rebuilt and renovated a derelict stone farmhouse.

His first novel, a work of historical fiction, Shackles of Loyalty, was published in 2020. Since then, he has turned to gritty crime fiction with an Italian twist. The result is the gripping and moving Sweet Song, Bitter Loss, the first novel in the Major D’Angelo Mysteries series.

Paul Hencher

Praise for Paul's Books

Paul’s latest book, Sweet Song, Bitter Loss, is a hit with readers and critics alike. Here’s just some of the critical praise it has received …

“An unforgettable novel that uniquely fuses gritty crime fiction with the beauty of rural Italy.”

“A superbly crafted crime thriller filled with twists and turns that will leave you gasping.”

“Oxford has Inspector Morse and now Abruzzo has Major D’Angelo – the new Italian crime fighter that will have you shouting ‘brillante’!”

Sweet Song, Bitter Loss might just be the best crime thriller of the year.”


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Abruzzo, Italy

I still do all my writing long-hand in an A4 notebook before typing it up on the computer.  For one thing, I

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